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Angela’s post somewhat inspired this one. I have been thinking a lot lately of the things that I’ve liked for a long time and that I don’t think I’d ever get tired of. Mostly music, I guess. So I figured I would compile a list of the bands that I love/the songs I love by them!

    The Strokes


Even though the lyrics are either really terrible or really lame I can’t help but love practically every song (even though “Room on Fire” and “Is this it?” sounded nearly identical!). I’m kinda bummed that this band isn’t going to be releasing anything anytime in the near future but we can definitely look forward to something eventually! On February 1 they announced that they have started recording their fourth album! Finally!
Even though I don’t get sick of this band very easily I kinda get tired of listening to the side projects easily. I guess it’s because I only have “Phrazes for the Young” by Julian Casablancas and the ST Little Joy album on my computer. Which totally makes sense considering there are no other albums I could possibly have (except for Julian’s EP and the other members’ solo projects. Whatever! Julian and Fabrizio all the way!).

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say it ain’t so

well, i know that there’s been a lot of fuss over all of weezer’s albums post maladroit, and i generally don’t like to discriminate every album by a band when they begin to sound differently, but i have to say it: raditude (in name and content) is half terrible. i DO, however, like their song “(if you’re wondering if i want you to) i want you to”. i was happy upon listening to this song but the song that follows it on the album has put me off from listening to the album on my own free will. oh well, it happens right? i still love this band and i still love the red album, even if it is deemed to be terrible!

i think it probably has a lot to do with the fact that on the red album rivers cuomo isn’t the only singer and the fact that his lyrics don’t really seem to be focused on how unhappy he can be with life/all about girls. i don’t know if that statement really makes sense to anybody but i guess a change in attitude equals a change in style. duuuh.

i mean, come on. they had a video that featured the muppets. clearly they’re going to be cool forever and always!

so, mike gave me the new zelda “spirit tracks” game for christmas. i think it’s waay better than the phantom hourglass. except there’s way too many cut scenes and the train takes forever to get from destination to destination. that is my only criticism!



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