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Sometimes there’s a song that I’ve heard a thousand times and then one day I finally give it my complete attention and realize how amazing it is. I always wonder how dumb I could be in order to not realize it to begin with.

I think it’s because it’s really soft at the beginning and you can’t really hear what he’s saying. I put my volume up as loud as it could go and listened to the lyrics and my heart melted a little bit.
You all should do the same.

veering off your greedy heart
i cant understand your pain anymore
we can get a lawyer and move on

we can get a lawyer if you want
i can understand your pain, but i wont
if we cant get along we cant be in love

end of the world in the middle of nowhere
nothing/something happens anywhere/everywhere

your black irish smile begins
up the soft snow of your skin
as the memory sinks in

i’d give anything to start again

i cant stop remembering

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term 1 – finito

i think that it’s a little bit crazy how the first term of my third year of university is over. not officially over i guess, because there are still final exams to be written. but. unofficially, we are finished until january 7th 2010.
time is flying. i’m getting caught up in a bit of nostalgia.

one of my education faculty friends makes bracelets and sells them in her home town. she made one for each of us in our group and we got to pick our colours ourselves. i thought it was the sweetest thing and it was super unexpected.

that’s mine. she put my name on it. 😀


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kurt kurt kurt

oh joy! oh bliss! a 20 page report and a jerk of a printer!

i’m going to sit here and weep and watch glee

minus the weeping part.

i wonder if any store in newfoundland sells natura soy chocolate milk. it is super delicious! i like soy chocolate milk waaay more than i like any milk product. even cheese!! TRY IT.



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don’t cry, shop girl

this weekend i’ve been working on a paper for social psychology and the more i worked on my paper and the more i read random sections of the text-book the more it depressed me. i definitely do find it interesting to study human interactions but looking at life from this perspective is starting to seem kind of mathematical. or maybe it just freaks me out because the explanations of human behaviour make a lot of sense and it makes me feel like i have less free will or something.

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