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life updates

Last night i spent some time with my momma. we went to the rooms and then she came with me to get groceries. when i came home i threw on a bruschetta pizza (mmm) because i had skipped supper, and ate some of it while i watched hockey. it was a pretty chill but really nice night. my mom had a bag of fruit and 6 pairs of new socks for me. she is an awfully sweet lady.

i’ve been doing a good bit of clothes altering lately. it’s a nice pass time that i couldn’t do much of during school. i wanted to take pictures but my camera’s batteries have died, so oh well. i added lace to the bottom of a dress because i thought it was too short before (somehow the 1 inch of additional length makes a bit of difference) and took off the collar. i hemmed a dress that was a little too long. i really need an iron and an ironing board to finish it but i don’t have one here. I had a men’s red and white vertically striped, size medium american apparel sleeveless dress shirt that i got in a clothing swap in january that i liked a lot – despite it being ridiculously too big for me. so i took off the collar, took in the sides, added three belt loops, made a new collar and added a navy blue ribbon to put through the belt loops. i’m pretty happy with it and want to wear it with shorts whenever it ever gets warm enough to wear shorts.
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