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i guess everywhere else it’s been summer now for months, but here it’s only just starting. home is a special case. it’s gone from a 9 degree day in june to a 24 degree day in july with just a few days in between. i love summers here even though they’re exceptionally short. it has happened really fast. all of a sudden it smells, sounds, feels and looks just like summer. cut off jean shorts, freckles, trees and flowers, sleeping in my undies with the window open, frozen lemonades, blue jumbo freezies and beer. i want to spend as much time outside as i possibly can – even if i only wander as far as my backyard. All things are better outside. that’s kind of a broad statement but i’ll stick by it. Charlie has been meowing at our windows and slumping in the shadowy upstairs hallway whenever he isn’t trying to escape. i hope he won’t be too unhappy as our house gets even warmer. right now i’m enjoying living in the downstairs bedroom. last July i remember being unbearably warm when i lived upstairs. it’s a nice change.
anyway, onwards

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i have so much to look forward to right now. some are smaller things and some are bigger things. some are really soon and some are not for a few months or so. i’m so excited about a lot of life’s little things and i’ve got a lot of hope.

one of the things i’m dreaming about and looking forward to

i hope she is this incredible at the folk festival in August
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summer list 2011

i woke up earlier than usual this morning because the sun was shining in through the slits in the screen in my window. this has been happening kind of often lately and i don’t mind it at all, not even a bit.
So here is what I have so far for my summer list for the months of May – the beginning of September.

01. Go to Lantern Festival
02. Make a lantern
03. Read books that I own but haven’t read yet
04. Paint my room
05. Take pictures while I’m in Montreal
06. Learn how to ride a bicycle
07. Go to Fort Amherst
08. Grow something! (flowers, peas, carrots etc)
09. Make a cherry pie
10. See a meteor shower
11. Have bbqs
12. Read outside
13. Visit my cabin
14. Quit my job
15. Get my zither tuned
16. Play my instruments
17. Add something to the paintings that are on our fence
18. Make curtains for the bathroom
19. Buy ice cream from jackman and greene’s
20. Go camping
21. See the sunrise on Signal Hill
22. Explore something abandoned
23. Go to the folk festival and see Basia Bulat

that’s all I have so far. I tried to think of a few new things and i’ll probably add a few more things to it as summer progresses

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untuned guitar

i’ve kind of fallen for these two girls and all of their songs. i’m pretty jealous at how good they are. i’ve been listening to them for three days straight. they make it feel a little like summer and i can’t really pinpoint what it is about them that does this.
winter is no fun by yourself. before winter ends, i want be able to kick this complete distaste for the cold and get some fresh air

they’re really, incredibly lovely

i can’t wait until it’s summer and i can play them in the kitchen while i’m making lemonade and sucking on a blue or red jumbo freezie . i supposed i could do that very exact thing now but it’s not quite the same!

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summer special

really, I am not made for the heat. especially not this humidity. i’ve been surviving off of jumbo freezies and yesterday i made homemade lemonade. my mother brought me an electric fan to borrow because i am practically melting in my house. when she got here i halfheartedly asked if she happened to have a lawn chair in the car too, so i could read my book in the back yard, and she did! now i read outside in our jungle of a back yard. family rules.
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term 2: finished

Another term of school has come and gone. I always find the winter term harder than the autumn term and this year that has really been reflected in my marks, and maybe a little bit in my sanity. But that’s in the past and it’s onward looking forward, ahead into summer. new things, new people, new times, new fun, new love in any sense of the word. i’m pretty tired but i’m pretty excited. just two final exams and then it’s freedom for real

For one of my education courses, I had to create a webpage. It’s called a WebQuest. which is essentially an online, internet source based lesson plan that teachers can use to teach their students. They’re supposed to be fun and a newer way of learning for students. I did mine on Grade 4 Science, focusing on Geology. It’s not quite perfect because i just barely ran out of time. I don’t think that anyone will be interested in this besides myself, and maybe my Professor, but here it is anyway! Discover Geology!

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