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getting things done

that is Gloria Swanson in the picture for the video above. I am kind of infatuated with her even though shamefully, I haven’t ever even seen any of her movies. I just think she is incredibly interesting and beautiful and I am a little bit jealous of her gorgeous face. she wrote an autobiography that one day i’m going to read.

only 11 more days of term and then i will be free to daydream, bake, and doodle as much as i please
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yoghurt and wine

i’m so glad that i found out about 1000 awesome things, espicially #623.
#623. The sound of snow crunching under your boots.
also one of my own very favourite things. it almost feels as if the guy who writes that blog, has jumped into my head and is writing about all the things that i love. it’s going to be made into a book in April 2010 and i really really want to own it.
– angela

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