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Cul-de-Sac, Roman Polanski

lately i’m finding it more enjoyable and rewarding to go back and discover older music that i’ve somehow missed out on than trying to find newer things. so much music just sounds boring and formulaic to me lately.

among talking heads, television, black sabbath, wire, richard hell and the voidoids, and delta 5, i have most recently gotten into big black, who were active in the eighties i believe. it’s really frustrating to try to find stuff by them and i’m assuming i don’t have to explain why. when you take into account you’re trying to find the album “songs about fucking”, it’s all the more fun.
i’ve read things that associated them with sonic youth (their more chaotic, noisier songs i guess), so i don’t know why it’s taken me so long to catch on. i can see similarities between them and pissed jeans, also, though i’m not sure if pissed jeans cite them as an influence.

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