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all we want, baby, is everything

over the weekend Handsome Furs were here. they were supposed to play a show with Wintersleep but didn’t make it here in time because of flight cancellations and whatnot. but when they got here they played a show anyway! on saturday and it was lovely. i instantly fell in love with them. i can imagine that i will be listening to them a lot this summer. i have been listening to them nonstop for the past few days and i think this is still my favourite song of theirs. probably because it was the first of their’s that i heard.

i love that they are married to each other. i love that they both look so intense and lovely

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my green pepper plant! it grows (finally!)!
it took a while but my little baby plant is growing. 1 seed out of 6 is better than 0 out of 6, afterall.

i hope it’s actually my little plant and not a weed or something else like that. i’m pretty happy about it!

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last night between studying, tea drinking, cookie eating and working i decided it was a good idea to plant some green pepper seeds, with hopes that i can make them grow into beautiful green pepper plants as they sit atop my kitchen window sill

there is something that i love more than many other things, about planting and growing things. espicially herbs, tomatoes, edible plants. maybe it’s because i like the satisfaction of knowing where my food has come from but really i think it’s the nurturement and care that is required to make these little plants become what they will become. i definitely become attached to these little plant babies.

my sapling that i received at christmas from a classmate has also been growing well. one small tree growing in an even smaller pot. lovelove

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