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the past

My sister has to do this project for her textiles course that involves using old pictures. if anyone knows me at all, you perhaps know about my love for the past. the present is cool and the future is unpredictable, but there is something about the past that i love very much. anything old, vintage, not from my own lifetime. As amy was going through my mom’s old photographs, i swiped a few for myself and wanted to share them because i think they’re pretty amazing.

this is my uncle and my mom and their aunt’s dog

this is my mom and my grandfather. looks like she was going to girl guide camp and that my grandfather is pretty thrilled about it. i love their expressions

this is my mom, my uncle and their grandmother (my great-great grandmother). i love my mom’s hair rollers and my great-great grandmothers cat eye glasses. the red thing on my mom’s lap is a photo album that i’ve looked through myself, many times

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two thousand nine continued

My favourite moments from 2009! Continued from here.
90's 043
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I love Devo so much. I can’t really think of anything else to say, so I’ll just let the video speak for itself.


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la belle dame sans merci

after all of the convincing, we finally saw bright star together around a month ago. i thought it was pretty powerful! especially during the credits. i wish we watched it in a larger theatre. i’ve read about people’s experiences and some have said that the entire audience was awe struck and overcome with the beauty of the entire film while the credits were rolling!

the movie made me want to know more about john keats and also know more about poetry. maybe if i read his letters and his poems it will be one step closer to understanding!

i saw crime in stereo last weekend. their opening song was from their new album “i was trying to describe you to someone” which comes out around february 2010. this band never ceases to amaze me!
i took a very short video during ‘orbiter’.

for the past four years my aunt has ordered us the santa’s choice (formerly chrisco) hampers. it’s probably the highlight of my winters. although, i have to admit, it does suck when you don’t eat meat and there’s an entire box dedicated to steaks, hamburgers, roasts, and ground beef. needs more falafel, perogies, and other yummy foods.
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gravity’s bringing us down

i really love going through old photos. i was just browsing through the threads on bluekaffee and decided to post in the “then and now” thread.

this should be good

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