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the past

My sister has to do this project for her textiles course that involves using old pictures. if anyone knows me at all, you perhaps know about my love for the past. the present is cool and the future is unpredictable, but there is something about the past that i love very much. anything old, vintage, not from my own lifetime. As amy was going through my mom’s old photographs, i swiped a few for myself and wanted to share them because i think they’re pretty amazing.

this is my uncle and my mom and their aunt’s dog

this is my mom and my grandfather. looks like she was going to girl guide camp and that my grandfather is pretty thrilled about it. i love their expressions

this is my mom, my uncle and their grandmother (my great-great grandmother). i love my mom’s hair rollers and my great-great grandmothers cat eye glasses. the red thing on my mom’s lap is a photo album that i’ve looked through myself, many times

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pictures pictures pictures

Upon reviewing the sorts of things I’ve posted in this, I realized that I actually find it a lot more fun to just post neat pictures I stumble upon [I do this a lot at nakedaspaper.tumblr.com], but just doing that on this medium feels weird. It’s like relaying information in this format demands some sort of explanatory text to accompany it.

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pulp and etc

Because I apparently love to expose the world to my hilarious taste in music and cannot do so enough, I decided to share some songs that I’ve been especially partial to lately.

There are also pretty pictures! From Neil Krug and Joni Harbeck’s book Pulp, as well as Neil Krug’s Flickr.

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