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i am almost one week into my summer break and it’s going pretty well. i finished reading Tales from Arabian Knights recently. i’m really glad that i read them, but i kind of feel like i didn’t absorb a lot of what i read. so if someone asked me to tell them what the tales were about, there’s not a whole lot that i could retell because i don’t remember much. this is kind of a bummer, because i like being able to remember things. i’ve moved on and started reading The English Patient written by Michael Ondaatje. I haven’t been enveloped into it just yet but i like it a lot already because two of the characters are from one of his earlier books, In the Skin of a Lion which is one of my very favourites. lovelovelove. the way he writes makes every sentence sound like it’s imperative.
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untuned guitar

i’ve kind of fallen for these two girls and all of their songs. i’m pretty jealous at how good they are. i’ve been listening to them for three days straight. they make it feel a little like summer and i can’t really pinpoint what it is about them that does this.
winter is no fun by yourself. before winter ends, i want be able to kick this complete distaste for the cold and get some fresh air

they’re really, incredibly lovely

i can’t wait until it’s summer and i can play them in the kitchen while i’m making lemonade and sucking on a blue or red jumbo freezie . i supposed i could do that very exact thing now but it’s not quite the same!

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I’m fairly sure that my friends and blogmates have all but abandoned this blog. but that’s okay because i’ve kind of been neglecting it a lot as well. It is the 2nd last week in January and I have been 22 for 6 days. For real, it does feel a tiny bit different but that’s probably just my mindset.
My school was closed this morning so I couldn’t go and do my observation day. This is kind of a bummer because I had been looking forward to it! I very much want to observe kindergarten because I didn’t get to do that last term. maybe next week if I’m lucky! I’m going to use this extra time to be productive (ideally).

Born Ruffians are coming here in April, and playing in my favourite bar. how happy am I? very very very happy. It’s something exciting to look forward to just after the term ends. the timing is pretty perfect. It’ll be warmer then so my house won’t be an icebox at that time. I’ve been hoping for what feels like such a long time, for them to come to St. John’s – so i’m super super pumped
luke lalonde, be my husband?

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summer special

really, I am not made for the heat. especially not this humidity. i’ve been surviving off of jumbo freezies and yesterday i made homemade lemonade. my mother brought me an electric fan to borrow because i am practically melting in my house. when she got here i halfheartedly asked if she happened to have a lawn chair in the car too, so i could read my book in the back yard, and she did! now i read outside in our jungle of a back yard. family rules.
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all we want, baby, is everything

over the weekend Handsome Furs were here. they were supposed to play a show with Wintersleep but didn’t make it here in time because of flight cancellations and whatnot. but when they got here they played a show anyway! on saturday and it was lovely. i instantly fell in love with them. i can imagine that i will be listening to them a lot this summer. i have been listening to them nonstop for the past few days and i think this is still my favourite song of theirs. probably because it was the first of their’s that i heard.

i love that they are married to each other. i love that they both look so intense and lovely

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Spring spring spring.

Because WordPress is such a lovely blog host with lots of options for non-paying users, I can’t upload the mp3 of “Who Will Be the One?” by Julie Doiron so I will have to refer you to my tumblr.

If she plays a third [and fourth and fifth and sixth etc] concert here, I will be there in a heartbeat.

Lina Scheynius

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Sometimes there’s a song that I’ve heard a thousand times and then one day I finally give it my complete attention and realize how amazing it is. I always wonder how dumb I could be in order to not realize it to begin with.

I think it’s because it’s really soft at the beginning and you can’t really hear what he’s saying. I put my volume up as loud as it could go and listened to the lyrics and my heart melted a little bit.
You all should do the same.

veering off your greedy heart
i cant understand your pain anymore
we can get a lawyer and move on

we can get a lawyer if you want
i can understand your pain, but i wont
if we cant get along we cant be in love

end of the world in the middle of nowhere
nothing/something happens anywhere/everywhere

your black irish smile begins
up the soft snow of your skin
as the memory sinks in

i’d give anything to start again

i cant stop remembering

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