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christmas in the stars

I was lucky enough to ring in christmas with the empire strikes back. That’s how awesome christmas can be.

I have a forever crush on Han Solo. No joke.

A real update later. Merry christmas!


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it’s a wonderful life


merry christmas, guyssss

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the trolley song

by Nicole

One of my favourite things about not being in class is sitting at home, watching Turner Classic Movies all day.

Today Meet Me in St. Louis came on. I always consider that movies to be a Christmas movie, even though it’s not. My family and I always watch it around Christmas time, so I guess that’s why.

I love love love watching TCM mostly just to see the amazing costumes in a lot of these movies. I wish I could find a good, clear picture of what Judy Garland is wearing during “The Trolley Song”. Go to more for a the clearest picture I could find a clip from the movie.

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two thousand nine

by smp

I know that it’s only December 15th and it’s probably a little early to think of New Years and everything but I decided to create a few lists of things that I liked from 2009. Yeah, that’s right.
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sweethearts on parade

by steph

i finally got around to watching (500) days of summer last night/this morning. i don’t think i’ve ever wanted to see a movie as much as i did this one and for it to actually turn out just as good (or better than) my expectations.

i cant really describe how much i loved it but it made me have an even bigger crush on joseph gordon-levitt.

it is completely fruitless posting videos here because i doubt that anybody who has stumbled upon this blog has clicked on any of them/been interested in them. which is terrible because when i want to express my love for music or a movie or anything else the only proper way to do that would be through video. like.. barney stinson videos or leonard cohen videos or we are scientists videos.

i have spent the past two days doing virtually nothing but listening to music (and watching the office) and i wish it was possible to make every single one of you a mix tape. and i know that it would be pointless to post links to the songs so here’s a list of songs that i like lately

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i always wanted to be a tenenbaum

I’ve been watching The Royal Tenenbaums on and off for the past two weeks. I finally finished it last night and it made me remember why it’s my all time favourite movie.

I’ve decided that I want to make an entire entry dedicated to this movie and to show why it’s so awesome

1 2 3 4

THIS TOOK FOREVER. And was a perfect excuse to procrastinate (even though I have a lot of work to do UH OH!)



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don’t cry, shop girl

this weekend i’ve been working on a paper for social psychology and the more i worked on my paper and the more i read random sections of the text-book the more it depressed me. i definitely do find it interesting to study human interactions but looking at life from this perspective is starting to seem kind of mathematical. or maybe it just freaks me out because the explanations of human behaviour make a lot of sense and it makes me feel like i have less free will or something.

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