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So, late last night I decided that I was going to be hilarious and create another tumblr account. Except this time it is pretty much 39430284320x more awesome than my old one.


Yeaaaah, I know. I am seriously obsessed with pugs lately! But, as you can see through the billion picture I posted so far, they are too adorable for words.
Check it out (and spread the word)!

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i wish it were possible to be this adorable/cool/amazing. unfortunately youtube has decided to block canada from watching the more awesome video so click here in order to see it! do it. seriously. it will enhance your life

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black sabbath converse?


I don’t really know how to feel about this.
Can someone please tell me how I should feel about this!?

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Catherine told me that just because it’s Jorma doesn’t automatically make it funny. I THINK SHE’S WRONG.

(okay i admit, it isn’t actually funny. i just lovelove him!)



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