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Buying groceries when you haven’t had groceries in a week or two is such a good feeling. somehow in July I bought more than $100 of groceries but ran out surprisingly quick. In an effort to save money I refused to buy any more groceries until the month changed, and now here we are! $81 dollars later I’ll be eating like a Queen for the next little while (the rest of the month if i do it correctly)! I bought 3 frozen pizzas – the only frozen thing i really buy – with the sole intentions of eating them as drunk food. A pretty good investment I think. I found where Sobeys has been hiding the free range eggs (they’re also brown and have omega-3!). This makes me pretty happy because I love eggs but I didn’t like buying the non-free range ones and now my conscience feels a bit better. I found a small jar of Artichoke hearts (the brand name was M’Lord and I loved it) and tossed them into my cart. I’ve recently discovered my love for artichoke hearts, especially on pizza. I’m going to try to emulate the Veggie Pizza from Pi as best as I can.

Groceries, intriguing i’m sure

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