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i guess everywhere else it’s been summer now for months, but here it’s only just starting. home is a special case. it’s gone from a 9 degree day in june to a 24 degree day in july with just a few days in between. i love summers here even though they’re exceptionally short. it has happened really fast. all of a sudden it smells, sounds, feels and looks just like summer. cut off jean shorts, freckles, trees and flowers, sleeping in my undies with the window open, frozen lemonades, blue jumbo freezies and beer. i want to spend as much time outside as i possibly can – even if i only wander as far as my backyard. All things are better outside. that’s kind of a broad statement but i’ll stick by it. Charlie has been meowing at our windows and slumping in the shadowy upstairs hallway whenever he isn’t trying to escape. i hope he won’t be too unhappy as our house gets even warmer. right now i’m enjoying living in the downstairs bedroom. last July i remember being unbearably warm when i lived upstairs. it’s a nice change.
anyway, onwards

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