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i am almost one week into my summer break and it’s going pretty well. i finished reading Tales from Arabian Knights recently. i’m really glad that i read them, but i kind of feel like i didn’t absorb a lot of what i read. so if someone asked me to tell them what the tales were about, there’s not a whole lot that i could retell because i don’t remember much. this is kind of a bummer, because i like being able to remember things. i’ve moved on and started reading The English Patient written by Michael Ondaatje. I haven’t been enveloped into it just yet but i like it a lot already because two of the characters are from one of his earlier books, In the Skin of a Lion which is one of my very favourites. lovelovelove. the way he writes makes every sentence sound like it’s imperative.
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it’s my sister’s birthday today. i got her a gift card for the store that sells lots and lots of wool, called wool trends. this is what she asked for so i’m happy that she’ll be happy with it. i told her she wasn’t going to get a card so she asked if i could make her one instead

i tend to make fun of her age, but i don’t actually think that 25 is very old at all
the limerick is pretty ridiculous and terrible but i think she’ll probably think it’s funny.
i’m looking forward to pizza and cake at my family’s house before i go to school tonight
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I’m fairly sure that my friends and blogmates have all but abandoned this blog. but that’s okay because i’ve kind of been neglecting it a lot as well. It is the 2nd last week in January and I have been 22 for 6 days. For real, it does feel a tiny bit different but that’s probably just my mindset.
My school was closed this morning so I couldn’t go and do my observation day. This is kind of a bummer because I had been looking forward to it! I very much want to observe kindergarten because I didn’t get to do that last term. maybe next week if I’m lucky! I’m going to use this extra time to be productive (ideally).

Born Ruffians are coming here in April, and playing in my favourite bar. how happy am I? very very very happy. It’s something exciting to look forward to just after the term ends. the timing is pretty perfect. It’ll be warmer then so my house won’t be an icebox at that time. I’ve been hoping for what feels like such a long time, for them to come to St. John’s – so i’m super super pumped
luke lalonde, be my husband?

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i like days like today

having big, messy, wavy hair and not really giving a fuck is probably the best way for me to end this semester. i just want to impress people with my baking skills and not much else.

i tried falafel for the first time today. it was followed by a serious of high fives because of how excited i was about it and how delicious it was. first time extreme pita experience = A++ i also discovered the beautiful thing that is gingerbread hot chocolate. a marriage of two of my many favourite things. it’s almost always luke warm and almost too sweet. but that’s just how i like a lot of things. i could drink two in a row.

i love sillyness. laughing way too much and trying to laugh as silently as possible because you’re in the silent area of the library, and because no one likes loud studiers is hilarious. i almost had to leave because i thought i was going to laugh out loud.
i love my friends a lot. i am very lucky
just two more presentations and two final exams and then i’ll be free until january.
i can’t concentrate on anything except the good things in december that will be here soon.

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– angela

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