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today actually feels like a snow day. the weather is so miserable outside that it’s put me in some sort of cozy, lazy state where I don’t want to leave my house and no one else wants to leave theirs. It was also Christine’s last day in town and I’m a bit bummed because the weather kept us both indoors. Though I do feel as though last night was a fairly good last hoorah.

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i have so much to look forward to right now. some are smaller things and some are bigger things. some are really soon and some are not for a few months or so. i’m so excited about a lot of life’s little things and i’ve got a lot of hope.

one of the things i’m dreaming about and looking forward to

i hope she is this incredible at the folk festival in August
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head’s on fire

Basia Bulat’s new album Heart of My Own comes out tomorrow (january 26th). i’m pretty excited about that. i’ve written about my ohoh one true love for her here before. but repetition about a good thing is a-okay with me. she’s so gorgeous and genuine and if i were to change myself and make myself more like someone else (this, i would not really want to do. but theoretically), i would want to be a little bit like her.

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there was a woman

a short while ago i found out that Basia Bulat is playing some shows with Final Fantasy. Including when he plays in Halifax. I got so so excited because i thought that if she’s opening for him in Halifax, then maybe maybe she’ll be opening for him when he comes here too! so i checked out her tour dates and was pretty sadly disappointed. she won’t be coming here with final fantasy afterall 😦 such a bummer. she is probably one of my very favourite female artists, ever.
hopefully she will come here one day! and i will swoon endlessly

sometimes she likes to cover sam cooke

she’s kind of incredible


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