the director

Wes Anderson is probably the best director/producer/whatever! Sometimes I don’t really like it when a director, or even an author, has one specific way of doing things but in this case I am really happy that he does! All of his movies have amazing cinematography and dialogue and characters and music (gettin’ a little repetitive, but it’s true!) and blah blah blah blah


life aquatic with steve zissou

the darjeeling limited

hotel chevalier

bottle rocket

(i haven’t seen this yet but the trailers are awesome!)

I’m not very good at explaining why I like things (as you can probably tell from all of these little pages) but I want everyone to know that this man is amazing.

He is so cute and I love how he casts a lot of the same actors in all of his movies.

And he has the best art:

i want to see this soooosooo bad

ANNNND he has the best taste in music. Which includes coconut records, the arcade fire, the pixies, and others.

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