the characters

All of the characters in this movie are great for about a thousand different reasons. Each one has their own unique personality and backstories. I find that they’re all super interesting in their own ways.

royal tenenbaum

etheline tenenbaum

margot tenenbaum

richie tenenbaum

chas tenenbaum

eli cash

raleigh st.clair


Each actor is perfect for the role that was given to them, in my opinion! They suit the characters so much and deliver the lines wonderfully!
I feel as though each of the characters go through major transformations throughout the film and it leaves me completely satisfied! I know that it’s typical for there to be a happy ending but this ending actually fills me with joy! Mostly because of the relationships that develop between certain people — Royal and his grandsons (Ari and Uzi), Chas and Royal, Margot and Richie, and Henry and Ethel. I know that probably doesn’t mean anything to anyone who hasn’t watched this movie but whatever! It just touches me (for lack of a better phrase)!

Not to mention they have the most amazing wardrobes ever.

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