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junco babies

my mom gave me a cute little bird house for easter. it is just a box with seed in it but you can push in the sides and the seed falls down as birds eat it. we managed to get it pretty far out in the tree by my bedroom window. for a while birds were just hanging around not really doing anything. but for the past week or more the same three dark-eyed juncos have been hanging out, eating the seed, flying from tree to tree to tree, and just generally chilling around my house. i love them so much!

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i feel

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So, late last night I decided that I was going to be hilarious and create another tumblr account. Except this time it is pretty much 39430284320x more awesome than my old one.

Yeaaaah, I know. I am seriously obsessed with pugs lately! But, as you can see through the billion picture I posted so far, they are too adorable for words.
Check it out (and spread the word)!

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Sometimes there’s a song that I’ve heard a thousand times and then one day I finally give it my complete attention and realize how amazing it is. I always wonder how dumb I could be in order to not realize it to begin with.

I think it’s because it’s really soft at the beginning and you can’t really hear what he’s saying. I put my volume up as loud as it could go and listened to the lyrics and my heart melted a little bit.
You all should do the same.

veering off your greedy heart
i cant understand your pain anymore
we can get a lawyer and move on

we can get a lawyer if you want
i can understand your pain, but i wont
if we cant get along we cant be in love

end of the world in the middle of nowhere
nothing/something happens anywhere/everywhere

your black irish smile begins
up the soft snow of your skin
as the memory sinks in

i’d give anything to start again

i cant stop remembering

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almost home

I’ve been pretty busy lately but I just want the world to know that I am still here. I just don’t have many opinions or recommendations or anything much these days.

Although, soon I will be writing a nice little information session on the West Memphis 3.

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umbrella girls


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Angela’s post somewhat inspired this one. I have been thinking a lot lately of the things that I’ve liked for a long time and that I don’t think I’d ever get tired of. Mostly music, I guess. So I figured I would compile a list of the bands that I love/the songs I love by them!

    The Strokes


Even though the lyrics are either really terrible or really lame I can’t help but love practically every song (even though “Room on Fire” and “Is this it?” sounded nearly identical!). I’m kinda bummed that this band isn’t going to be releasing anything anytime in the near future but we can definitely look forward to something eventually! On February 1 they announced that they have started recording their fourth album! Finally!
Even though I don’t get sick of this band very easily I kinda get tired of listening to the side projects easily. I guess it’s because I only have “Phrazes for the Young” by Julian Casablancas and the ST Little Joy album on my computer. Which totally makes sense considering there are no other albums I could possibly have (except for Julian’s EP and the other members’ solo projects. Whatever! Julian and Fabrizio all the way!).

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