today is, tuesday

i started listening to Ben Sollee again lately. I discovered him through a friend of a friend two years ago or more. I thought of him on Sunday and have been mildly hooked for the past few days. He has a new cd out, but i’m only just listening to his first (2008) cd now and i’m not ready to listen to the new new one just yet. it’s nice music for the morning, or bedtime. perhaps a bit too chill for the afternoon. i suppose it would depend on what the afternoon would be bringing in the first place.

i’m the only teacher person who wears dresses to school. i hope the others don’t think that i’m odd. my papa is giving me a ride in this morning, so i skipped a shower and slept in for another half hour. it’s only Tuesday but i have low hopes for the rest of the week. my high hopes are hoping that i’ll prove myself incorrect. But, yesterday i was sick sick sick and fell asleep really early, and it was an unpleasant monday. Today i feel much better health wise. my throat hardly hurts and i’m a bit more rested. if i was in regular school right now instead of faux teaching, i would take today off and sleep out my cold.
however, i do get to take my little sextet of student painters with me to the art room after lunch to work on/finish our mural. i like doing this a lot. 6 is a number i can definitely handle on my own without feeling flustered. and they’re all such little sweetie pies.
now i have to fling out the garbage

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