Nat king cole knows what’s up. i only have 13 days left of summer, that’s pretty crazy. makes me a little bit bummed, but i’m also getting more excited (more excited than nervous which is a positive improvement!) for my internship! i helped Bill set up his classroom a bit today, and there were a couple other teachers around and it was really nice. Admittedly i felt a little bit out of the loop at times, but that’s because i am out of the loop. getting up at 7:00 a.m. was kind of difficult and now i feel pretty tired (it’s only 10:36 or so). i’ll get used to it again pretty quickly though i’m sure of it

being on birth control is weird. it’s only been a week or something, and maybe i’m creating these side-effects but my belly feels awful strange. i feel like i always have the munchies but i’m not even hungry really. it also feels really unsettled, or something? my mouth feels more salivay than normal too. very strange. it’s nice that this pill is tiny enough though that i can take it without water if i need to. 22 feels kind of old to be just starting birth control but whatever. i hope my boobs don’t get too much bigger. i’m happy with my tiny chest and i’d like to keep it that way.

i’m putting my 3 nat king cole compilation cds on my iTunes and i’m pretty pleased. I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of doing this earlier on in life. he’s such a wonderful wonderful man

me and tracey went thrift store shopping in search of big comfy sweaters for the coming fall and we were both pretty successful! both of mine are men’s sweaters so they’re pretty big on me but i could live in them. i got a big blue knitted one that i could curl up in without pants and feel as warm as i need to feel, and a green and brown checkered one that’s not quite as big but just as cozy. i also got a lovely skirt that can be part of my teacher clothes! so happy

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