for the past few days i’ve been hooked on Bon Iver’s new album. Admittedly I know only his music a little bit. There was a short amount of time a year or so ago where I was in love with him, and then he slipped my mind. His new album is a bit different from the other stuff, but it’s incredibly good. it’s all slow, and nice. I also think it sounds a bit like music to have slower sex to. or maybe sex in the morning when you’re still kind of a bit sleepy. is that too personal?

all I want to do lately is cook and talk about food. mostly veggie curry. kind of only veggie curry. i’ve found my favourite way to make it. normally i’ll cook it with basmati rice, but this time i tried using lentils instead and i cooked those in veggie broth. this is what it looks like

this week has started nicely. yesterday i spent the afternoon with tracey. we both live downtown and we’re both temporarily unemployed. so we enjoyed the sunny afternoon by trying a few gourmet chocolates – there’s one named after my street that i had to try and the george street one because it has screech in it (it was delicious), and frozen yogurt from Fat Nanny’s. this time i got raspberry-banana and it was wonderful. Today i checked on my garden. there’s still only 3 tomatoes on my tomato plants, but i’m still excited about them. me, mom, Amy, and nan went out for tea. Right now i am so stuffed with Earl Grey tea and tarts, cookies, tea buns and cakey type breads. it’s one of the most delicious parts of every summer.

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