today actually feels like a snow day. the weather is so miserable outside that it’s put me in some sort of cozy, lazy state where I don’t want to leave my house and no one else wants to leave theirs. It was also Christine’s last day in town and I’m a bit bummed because the weather kept us both indoors. Though I do feel as though last night was a fairly good last hoorah.

I can hear the boys and anna upstairs and I would go join them if I wasn’t feeling so mopey. Tonight instead, I did a little painting and sipped away on an oh so delicious raspberry wheat beer. Perfectly fine night for me, except that I pretty much hate the painting i produced. I really don’t like it much at all. but i’ve been working away on it since january or february and i’m glad it’s finished!

whenever i paint a person it always, mostly unintentionally, ends up looking somewhat like myself. it drives me a little nuts.

tomorrow afternoon i’m going to be going to the Folk Festival with my dad. i’m super super excited to see Basia Bulat! I feel like she should have played here already by now. she’s pretty wonderful. It’s a bummer that Bannerman Park has been rained out and it’s going to be held indoors instead, and that I won’t have a group of friends to accompany me like I did last year when we went to see Old Man Luedecke, but it’s still going to be a good time. Everyone who would have probably wanted to go with me is either working tomorrow, or out of the province. so alas, I’ll take my papa.

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