i resign

writing a letter of resignation is kind of difficult. I’m used to writing things that require elaboration and supportive statements, which makes writing this letter feel like it’s turning into a paper or something. As much as I’m looking forward to leaving my job, and as much as I have complained endlessly about it, I have been there for 4 years after all. my co-workers are awesome people and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit sad about not being able to see them on a regular basis anymore. anyhow

“Aren’t boys awful!
I’d hate to be a boy.
I would rather be a waffle,
I’d rather be a toadstool,
I’d sooner be a squirrel,
(If I had to be anything except a girl),
Or an ant from a whole big hill full of ants,
Than an awful old boy
In corduroy pants!”

Today was my last day volunteering in the library at Macpherson Elementary. I found a book written by Phyllis McGinley called “Boys are Awful” and I thought it was adorable, so I took it home with me and now it lives in my bookshelf. It’s the rainiest kind of day today. since I got home from Macpherson this afternoon I’ve just been hanging out in my room. this rain is making me lazy and nostalgic. I put my two rolls of film from Montreal into my photo album – there were a handful of pictures that turned out really nice and that I like a lot -, I played a little ukulele and I savored a cup of tea. Charlie has claimed the opposite side of my bed lately. It also is home to a pile of books, jammies, clothes from a day ago and my ukulele. a bed big enough to be used as a shelf as well


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