where is the sun

my shift for today was written on the work schedule as 4:00 – ?
that is perhaps the most daunting thing i’ve seen in a little bit. I’ve decided that it’s much more difficult for me to find a part time job near my house than I had anticipated it to be. I don’t plan on working during my internship that starts in september, because even though it’s unpaid and I’ll probably be pretty poor, it’s also a very very important part of my education. I know I’ll find it difficult to concentrate on it if I was working at the same time. I want to do as well as I can with this internship and I’m also pretty nervous about it, so cutting down on unwelcome distractions will probably help me a lot. My plan now is to quit Sears on July 29th. First I thought I would make August 1st my last day, but the Lantern Festival is the 30th of July and I’ve been going to it annually for a few years and I really really love it a lot. Maybe this is a silly reason to quit a few days early but I can justify it. Unemployment is going to be so strange. If it’s still not sunny and warm by then I will probably cry.

Sam and I went to a clothing swap yesterday morning. I wasn’t as successful as I usually am and there was a disappointingly small amount of dresses. I did get this hilarious dress/shirt thing. It has polka dots and stripes and gold buttons. It also had shoulder pads and it is wonderful. I wish i had taken a picture of it with the shoulder pads before I took them out. It has potential and I think it’s pretty fun. I’m thinking of investing in a sewing machine so i can alter some clothes.
I’m sad about the weather. it’s the 12th of June and it’s only 7 degrees. I would really like to be able to hang out in my backyard in summery clothes and plant some flowers without worrying about them dying because of the cold. life!


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