i’m home and i feel weird. 10 days is not a very long time at all. it’s like a blink within a month, immeasurably small in the total of a year or anything larger than that. but i still feel like it was an important and significant trip. it was my first time travelling by myself. i almost missed my flight from st. john’s but my flight home from Montreal was mostly insignificant in terms of stressful things happening. with the help of two old friends and a newer one i made my way to and through the airport and onto my plane. night time flights are weird because everyone is sleeping and no one tries to make chitchat with their seat mates. the only time i talked to the man in the suit sitting beside me was when i let him into his seat and when the lights on in the plane were turned off. i had been reading my book and closed it because it was too dark and i couldn’t see the words anymore. he switched on the overhead light for me and i mumbled a shy “thanks” and kept reading until we reached home.
i came home to beer spills in the living room and the light from the kitchen ceiling was on the table. but there was also a note on my door from Cindy saying that she gave Charlie some extra food to tie him over during the day, until i got home in the night. charlie was sitting in the porch when i got him, so i scooped him up and danced him around until he couldnt put up with it and wiggled free of my hug.
my friends’ apartment is spacious and sunny and i envy many aspects of it. i’m going to miss christine a lot, i wish she could come visit when shannon is here in two weeks or so. im excited for her to come home. I’m glad that they both take lots of pictures because while i took about 30, it might be a while before i ever get those developed.

i enjoyed the warm and sunny montreal weather. it gave my big silly hair that i enjoyed almost as much as i loved the apricot beer. if i hadnt decided to take only a carry-on i would have taken some home with me. my love for it rivals my love for dark rum. i really did have a wonderful trip. two of my favourite girls got to show me around the city they live in and for a short amount of time it felt like we were all roommates again, but in montreal instead of in st. john’s. i miss living with them and visiting them made me very happy. three more months of summer and i’m off to a mostly good start.


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