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I leave to go on my Montreal trip in a week and one day. I’m trial packing my carry-on because i’m very very nervous about flying by myself. the buttons on my jacket are metal and i know i’m going to set off the alarm and they’ll have to scan me and i’m pretty scared. I’m not much of a fan of being scanned by scary airport security. I’m only bringing a carry-on because the thought of losing my luggage, or having to navigate through the airport and the bus with a suitcase makes me very nervous. i’m also worried that Charlie will escape while i’m gone. he’s been lurking the kitchen windows lately, and meowing at the world outside
i’m also very very excited. i will hopefully get to see the biodome! and more importantly, the lovely faces of two wonderful ladies that i often miss seeing and miss living with. i’m excited for $2 falafel and french canada and warmer weather
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