i am almost one week into my summer break and it’s going pretty well. i finished reading Tales from Arabian Knights recently. i’m really glad that i read them, but i kind of feel like i didn’t absorb a lot of what i read. so if someone asked me to tell them what the tales were about, there’s not a whole lot that i could retell because i don’t remember much. this is kind of a bummer, because i like being able to remember things. i’ve moved on and started reading The English Patient written by Michael Ondaatje. I haven’t been enveloped into it just yet but i like it a lot already because two of the characters are from one of his earlier books, In the Skin of a Lion which is one of my very favourites. lovelovelove. the way he writes makes every sentence sound like it’s imperative.

I went to see born ruffians on friday. they were fantastic. i didn’t have any doubts that they would be anything else. if i had my time back i would have gone to see them on saturday as well. they didn’t interact with the audience hardly at all, which is too bad because i really appreciate when bands do that. also, they didn’t play the song Red Elephant, which is my favourite of theirs. it’s really wonderful. i guess i can understand though, because it is kind of a slower tune. but i still danced my feet off and sang along and i thought that luke lalonde was just as adorable as i thought he might be. tracey befriended the drummer and i felt bad for interrupting their conversation. the night ended with sharing a big zig poutine with nicole and it was the happiest i have been in ages. not that i’ve been unhappy, just that that night was an exceptionally nice one.

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