my dvd player is placed unsteadily atop of my television and Charlie thought that this was a good place to climb up onto. luckily i noticed before he toppled over. i thought it was funny so i took a picture


i gave myself a little haircut last night. i thought it was time to have front bangs again


a small part of me misses having long hair, but not so much that i would ever want to grow it out. at least not for a very long time. i’ve been dreaming about Spring lately. dreams of sunny warm days with just the smallest of cool breezes. strolling around downtown without boots or a coat. once i even got chinese food and i dreamed about how delicious it tasted.
last night for a snack i had berries and peanut butter. i need to get groceries very soon. i may buy some coffee so i will stop wanting to buy it at school. i don’t know when i really started liking coffee as much as i do. it’s probably only because the tea at school tastes half gross – nothing like hot tea made at home


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