untuned guitar

i’ve kind of fallen for these two girls and all of their songs. i’m pretty jealous at how good they are. i’ve been listening to them for three days straight. they make it feel a little like summer and i can’t really pinpoint what it is about them that does this.
winter is no fun by yourself. before winter ends, i want be able to kick this complete distaste for the cold and get some fresh air

they’re really, incredibly lovely

i can’t wait until it’s summer and i can play them in the kitchen while i’m making lemonade and sucking on a blue or red jumbo freezie . i supposed i could do that very exact thing now but it’s not quite the same!

Charlie cat has been with me for a few days now. when heavenly creatures told me he was an older cat i thought he would be fat and cuddly, and sleep all day long. instead he is the most curious cat. he follows me around the house meowing, and sometimes bats at my legs when i’m trying to get past him in the hallway. he looks sweetest when hes’s curled up on my bed having a snooze, but he doesn’t like it much if i try to pet him then. he jumps on the counter when i’m washing the dishes. he’s definitely much more playful than Bobby was. he’s a pretty silly cat. i’m trying to not get too attached because he’ll be here only temporarily. but he’s awful cute

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