monday: the new sunday

the best thing about this term is that i do not have classes on mondays. i feel like this gives me so much more time to do things on the weekend. and by things, i mainly mean school work. this won’t last too long, because i’ll start observation days on the 18th of october, but for right now i’m really enjoying it.

a bout de souffle

today was such a perfect autumn day. i feel like this weekend, the seasons just decided it was time to be completely changed. there’s leaves everywhere, it’s chilly enough to be bundled if you want to be, i’ve given in and turned on my space heater. it’s autumn. fall is here and i am loving it. it’s a short lived love, but i do love it all the same. i walked to the art store and bought brushes for school, and canvases for fun. it’s hard to concentrate on social studies when i’d rather be doing other things!


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