summer special

really, I am not made for the heat. especially not this humidity. i’ve been surviving off of jumbo freezies and yesterday i made homemade lemonade. my mother brought me an electric fan to borrow because i am practically melting in my house. when she got here i halfheartedly asked if she happened to have a lawn chair in the car too, so i could read my book in the back yard, and she did! now i read outside in our jungle of a back yard. family rules.

this blog has been almost abandoned. quick updates
i live downtown now, steph and nicole have moved out as well. my brother got married and i now have a very lovely sister-in-law. i have 16/30 things done on my summer list. i feel like i don’t read enough. can’t stop listening to land of talk, dan mangan and mother mother. i’m really pumped for Lantern Fest. it’s always such a lazy, pretty day

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