junco babies

my mom gave me a cute little bird house for easter. it is just a box with seed in it but you can push in the sides and the seed falls down as birds eat it. we managed to get it pretty far out in the tree by my bedroom window. for a while birds were just hanging around not really doing anything. but for the past week or more the same three dark-eyed juncos have been hanging out, eating the seed, flying from tree to tree to tree, and just generally chilling around my house. i love them so much!

my dog likes to bark at them but i think they’re at the point where they don’t even give a fuck. they just sit in the numerous trees around my house and stare at me while one of them chows down on the seed.

i haven’t been able to get any real pictures of them but here is an idea of what i get to enjoy:

i like this picture a lot because you can see it pecking at the seed!

unfortunately the weather we’ve been having has made the box really gross and faded looking. but who cares as long as they can enjoy it!!

sometimes there is only one and it sits in my tree and sings for a really long time until you can finally hear another junco in the distance calling back to it. it’s so cute.

yeah! what a boring update. i use tumblr too much.


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  1. juncos are the cutest little critters