term 2: finished

Another term of school has come and gone. I always find the winter term harder than the autumn term and this year that has really been reflected in my marks, and maybe a little bit in my sanity. But that’s in the past and it’s onward looking forward, ahead into summer. new things, new people, new times, new fun, new love in any sense of the word. i’m pretty tired but i’m pretty excited. just two final exams and then it’s freedom for real

For one of my education courses, I had to create a webpage. It’s called a WebQuest. which is essentially an online, internet source based lesson plan that teachers can use to teach their students. They’re supposed to be fun and a newer way of learning for students. I did mine on Grade 4 Science, focusing on Geology. It’s not quite perfect because i just barely ran out of time. I don’t think that anyone will be interested in this besides myself, and maybe my Professor, but here it is anyway! Discover Geology!


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