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Sometimes there’s a song that I’ve heard a thousand times and then one day I finally give it my complete attention and realize how amazing it is. I always wonder how dumb I could be in order to not realize it to begin with.

I think it’s because it’s really soft at the beginning and you can’t really hear what he’s saying. I put my volume up as loud as it could go and listened to the lyrics and my heart melted a little bit.
You all should do the same.

veering off your greedy heart
i cant understand your pain anymore
we can get a lawyer and move on

we can get a lawyer if you want
i can understand your pain, but i wont
if we cant get along we cant be in love

end of the world in the middle of nowhere
nothing/something happens anywhere/everywhere

your black irish smile begins
up the soft snow of your skin
as the memory sinks in

i’d give anything to start again

i cant stop remembering

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my green pepper plant! it grows (finally!)!
it took a while but my little baby plant is growing. 1 seed out of 6 is better than 0 out of 6, afterall.

i hope it’s actually my little plant and not a weed or something else like that. i’m pretty happy about it!

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today is march8th

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almost home

I’ve been pretty busy lately but I just want the world to know that I am still here. I just don’t have many opinions or recommendations or anything much these days.

Although, soon I will be writing a nice little information session on the West Memphis 3.

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