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umbrella girls


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Angela’s post somewhat inspired this one. I have been thinking a lot lately of the things that I’ve liked for a long time and that I don’t think I’d ever get tired of. Mostly music, I guess. So I figured I would compile a list of the bands that I love/the songs I love by them!

    The Strokes


Even though the lyrics are either really terrible or really lame I can’t help but love practically every song (even though “Room on Fire” and “Is this it?” sounded nearly identical!). I’m kinda bummed that this band isn’t going to be releasing anything anytime in the near future but we can definitely look forward to something eventually! On February 1 they announced that they have started recording their fourth album! Finally!
Even though I don’t get sick of this band very easily I kinda get tired of listening to the side projects easily. I guess it’s because I only have “Phrazes for the Young” by Julian Casablancas and the ST Little Joy album on my computer. Which totally makes sense considering there are no other albums I could possibly have (except for Julian’s EP and the other members’ solo projects. Whatever! Julian and Fabrizio all the way!).

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allo bonjour

a day or so ago while i was trying to write my critical reflection paper on continuous and partial reinforcement in the classroom (cool yeah?), i took a break and e-mailed this group from Quebec/Nova Scotia that i adore very much. their name is Bette & Wallet and i’m fairly sure that i’ve talked about them before, to someone at some time. probably a lot. sometimes they sing in french but they’re both francophone so they also sing a fair amount in french. i e-mailed them to ask if the lyrics were up anywhere on the internet, because i have failed to find them. They messaged me back really fast! but, to my dismay their lyrics are no where on the internet. what a bummer. maybe they’ll come here again and play a show sometime. i missed them when they were here in May and i have been regretting it!

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pulp and etc

Because I apparently love to expose the world to my hilarious taste in music and cannot do so enough, I decided to share some songs that I’ve been especially partial to lately.

There are also pretty pictures! From Neil Krug and Joni Harbeck’s book Pulp, as well as Neil Krug’s Flickr.

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