the past

My sister has to do this project for her textiles course that involves using old pictures. if anyone knows me at all, you perhaps know about my love for the past. the present is cool and the future is unpredictable, but there is something about the past that i love very much. anything old, vintage, not from my own lifetime. As amy was going through my mom’s old photographs, i swiped a few for myself and wanted to share them because i think they’re pretty amazing.

this is my uncle and my mom and their aunt’s dog

this is my mom and my grandfather. looks like she was going to girl guide camp and that my grandfather is pretty thrilled about it. i love their expressions

this is my mom, my uncle and their grandmother (my great-great grandmother). i love my mom’s hair rollers and my great-great grandmothers cat eye glasses. the red thing on my mom’s lap is a photo album that i’ve looked through myself, many times

this is my mom’s grandmother and my mother. looks like it was taken somewhere near where our cabin is. i love what my mom is wearing, espicially the cardigan. we have the same smile

this is my mom, my uncle, their grandmother and my grandmother. my nan and her mom look identical. the christmas decoration above the table? pretty sure that still exists. the dinner they’re eating? pretty sure that’s exactly what we eat when at my visiting my grandparents

here is my momma. looking at pictures of my mother when she was young is like looking at a picture of my own face. i would love to own the belt she is wearing

this is my dad. things i love about this picture: his expression, the beige very flared pants, the blue socks, the peace sign attached to the unzipped zipper on his shirt. what a stud

this is my mom’s uncle and aunt. i don’t know my great aunt as well as i know my great uncle, but he is pretty awesome. i love this picture because he looks adorable and she looks like a babe. i think this was before they left for their honeymoon which makes their expressions 10x better. i think they look like movie stars

this is my grandparents. i love this picture because they look young and happy and inlove. my nan’s hair is messy and incredible and my pop is such a cutie

so much love for old pictures. it’s crazy how much myself and my mother look alike

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  1. catherine

    i actually love all of these pictures!
    i especially like the second one.