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Upon reviewing the sorts of things I’ve posted in this, I realized that I actually find it a lot more fun to just post neat pictures I stumble upon [I do this a lot at], but just doing that on this medium feels weird. It’s like relaying information in this format demands some sort of explanatory text to accompany it.

Plus, when the mood strikes me, I do find it fun to write about the things I like, especially since I don’t get the opportunity to explore all of my interests with other people in life. That’s why I think it’s nice to have something like this with people you’re friends with, so you can get a fuller insight into how you’re different and how you’re similar. It provides you with the ability to better understand why people like the things that they like, which is not always easy to do just over the course of a conversation (especially if the concept is something that is entirely foreign to you).

Anyway, after that lovely digression:

I have no idea how I found this guy’s photography. But I did and it is great. His photographs have a really eerie and unsettling feeling about them. His name is Anders Linden and you should check it out.

I really miss the man that I used to see around the university that looked like all of these dudes combined into one amazing human being. Every time I see this picture I wish that people still looked like that, and then I remember there is at least one – MUN man.
I believe this photograph was taken around 1970. It is also proof that Ozzy Osbourne was a total babe before he got fucked and started biting off animals’ heads. I love him.

I feel kind of hilarious for posting this, but I saw this picture and I thought it was so so so so beautiful. She’s a pretty good actress, so it’s too bad that people focus so much on her body size, even though people generally seem to say positive things.

I saw this picture and thought the girl had a really compelling face. I don’t really know why. It turns out that she is Marie Liljedahl and is primarily well-known because of her work in softcore pornography. It’s still a nice picture though.

Another situation in which I stumbled upon a photograph and obsessively tracked down what it was from. However, it was to no avail because I cannot find it anywhere. The movie is entitled Thriller – en grym film, but the heavily censored American version is They Call Her One Eye. The premise of the movie is that the girl pictured above gets brutally raped by several men and then she brutally murders them. Pretty light-hearted affair, really.

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