La belle personne

I haven’t posted about something non-music related in a long time, so I figure that I will talk about La belle personne, a movie I had wanted to see for some time and finally got the opportunity to watch a couple of nights ago.

I saw the trailer, couldn’t understand it, but I thought it looked absolutely gorgeous and that was enough for me. I guess I will be honest right now and say that I thought it fell a little flat.

Lots of spoilers in here!
In terms of the plot line and character interactions, there were numerous things that just seemed totally ridiculous to me. The relationship the characters had to Nemours seemed completely unrealistic to me, but maybe there is less of a barrier in other places? It seemed like Nemours attempted to hide his closeness with his students, but it was a rather half-assed attempt.

The part in which Junie’s cousin got caught with Martin actually made me laugh out loud because it described them going to great lengths in trying to keep their relationship a secret, yet they chose to have sex next to the basketball court that was presumably on school grounds. When Henri took a picture it was really awkward, but not in the way it was meant to be.

It seemed like the casting directors just tracked down a bunch of people on Facehunter to find actors or something, it was actually fucked and sort of distracting.

The best/worst part of the movie was when Otto started lip-synching along to the song that was playing, after he was told Junie kissed Nemours. I guess I should make it clear that the song was supposed to be part of the film score; it wasn’t actually being played IN the scene. It was like the movie somehow shifted into the worst music video of all time. I felt incredibly awkward while watching it.

One of the redeeming qualities about this movie was the fact that it was aesthetically pleasing, and most of that was due to Louis Garrel, who I am confident is the most handsome man on the planet.

ALSO, I was impressed by Léa Seydoux (Junie). There were numerous points in which she was insanely reminiscent of Anna Karina (mainly when she smiled), who I absolutely adore. So maybe that’s why I liked her. I don’t really think Junie’s character was much of a stretch or anything, but I felt that she had a magnetism about her while I was watching it. It didn’t really shock me that so many people would be enchanted by her, so I guess that is definitely to her credit.

Ultimately, I’m not sure what to think. As much as I cringed, there was something I enjoyed about it, though I’m not sure what. I think I could excuse the other things [the weird sex scene captures awkward teenage sexuality, Nemours couldn’t have been older than twenty-five years old so he could relate to them, teenagers are probably a lot more fashion conscious if they are living that close to Paris], but the lip-synching was just too much. I guess what you get out of it depends on your mood and your expectations.

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