heavy snow

Somehow I always forget how much I love Julie Doiron. I don’t know why that is. I’ve seen her in concert twice, and I count both performances in my top ten shows ever [the second show with Mount Eerie definitely occupies a spot in the top three]. But apparently I still forget?

Her music is so, so, so beautiful and heart wrenching at times and I can’t really put my finger on why that is. She has no schtick that gives her novelty and I suppose she’s not really that avant garde or anything. I feel like she just does what she does really well and doesn’t really need embellishments or some over the top stage persona. Maybe it’s her honesty that makes her so endearing to me.

I wish I could share some songs I love specifically but I can’t upload music on this and you tube has apparently decided to fail me! In the meantime, here is another [meteorologically appropriate?] song:

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    i love her. that show with mount eerie was so awesome ♥