Angela’s post somewhat inspired this one. I have been thinking a lot lately of the things that I’ve liked for a long time and that I don’t think I’d ever get tired of. Mostly music, I guess. So I figured I would compile a list of the bands that I love/the songs I love by them!

    The Strokes


Even though the lyrics are either really terrible or really lame I can’t help but love practically every song (even though “Room on Fire” and “Is this it?” sounded nearly identical!). I’m kinda bummed that this band isn’t going to be releasing anything anytime in the near future but we can definitely look forward to something eventually! On February 1 they announced that they have started recording their fourth album! Finally!
Even though I don’t get sick of this band very easily I kinda get tired of listening to the side projects easily. I guess it’s because I only have “Phrazes for the Young” by Julian Casablancas and the ST Little Joy album on my computer. Which totally makes sense considering there are no other albums I could possibly have (except for Julian’s EP and the other members’ solo projects. Whatever! Julian and Fabrizio all the way!).

    Crime in Stereo


This one is obviously a little newer to my playlist than all the other bands that I’ll be listing here but I still love them (as I’ve said about 93284023 other times throughout this blog!). Today I downloaded the leak of “I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone”. I’m currently in the middle of listening to it and I’m unsure of what I think. When me and Mike saw them perform “Not Dead” live I really liked it and got super stoked on the album to come out. I don’t remember the last time a band I really really liked released a new album so it’s kinda weird experiencing it for the (maybe) first time! It’s a lot more mellow and just.. not what I expected. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad! “…Is Dead” will always be my favourite so I guess they have high standards that they need to meet in my mind. I suppose if I listen to this a bit more I’ll love it!

(Apparently ‘Animal Pharm’ isn’t on Youtube at all so I had to stick with this one! Ah well)

PS: I found two songs that I really really like off of the new album: ‘Queue Moderns’ and ‘I Am Everything I Am Not’.

    The Smiths


I have to admit that I didn’t listen to this band for a reaaally long time until I saw ‘(500) Days of Summer’. Obviously it rekindled my interest in it because I am in looove with that movie! It also rekindled my interest in Morrissey (and by that I mean my interest in wondering what his solo stuff sounded like). It’s weird that I only now downloaded his stuff and I guess it’s kinda weird that the first album that I ever listened to by him was “Years of Refusal”, considering that it was his most recent one. I was pretty shocked to find out that he is still able to release wonderful albums like that! I’ve listened to others since then and I just have to say that Morrissey is probably the best ever, especially in The Smiths.

Equipped with amazing Morrissey dance moves!

    The Shins


I don’t really have much to say on this topic. The time that I like to listen to them the most is in Spring because everything is sunny and pretty and their music is so upbeat that I can’t help but feel happy because of it. I don’t remember the last time I listened to “Oh, Inverted World” but that’s okay. I still love them to death and I wish they’d release something newww. It’s unfortunate that the singer has taken a break until at least 2011. Sucks!

    She and Him


I don’t even know how I have been able to content myself with listening to the same 36 minute 13 song album over and over since 2008! They are finally releasing a new album on March 23, 2010. Just in time for my birthday! Which is kinda funny considering that Mike gave me “Volume One” for my birthday in ’08. I love how her and Jason Schwartzman collaborate on songs for both She and Him and Coconut Records.
It’s actually pretty funny because lately I have realized that I don’t like Zooey Deschanel as much as I thought I did. Well, don’t get me wrong. I love her music and I love her style and I love quite a few of the movies that she’s been in.. I just don’t really like her as an actress. She is beautiful and maybe that’s why the majority of people like her out there but I don’t know. One needs to be good at acting for me to be able to 100% fully appreciate them I guess!
All in all, I love this band quite a bit (with an exception of a few of their more country-like songs). Not to mention how much I love M. Ward’s solo stuff, too! I’ve only been listening to it for a few months now but it’s safe to say that he’s currently one of my favourite artists!



I think I’ve written a few times about this band already so I don’t really want to say much. I love Rivers Cuomo too much for life and I have finally admitted to myself that “Raditude” isn’t THAT bad (with the exception of a few songs — especially ‘Can’t Stop Partying’… ughhh)

    The Decemberists

I don’t have much to say about this band but I think I’ll always have a soft spot for them! I barely listen to them anymore but that’s only because I mostly listen to M. Ward and barely anything else!



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