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a day or so ago while i was trying to write my critical reflection paper on continuous and partial reinforcement in the classroom (cool yeah?), i took a break and e-mailed this group from Quebec/Nova Scotia that i adore very much. their name is Bette & Wallet and i’m fairly sure that i’ve talked about them before, to someone at some time. probably a lot. sometimes they sing in french but they’re both francophone so they also sing a fair amount in french. i e-mailed them to ask if the lyrics were up anywhere on the internet, because i have failed to find them. They messaged me back really fast! but, to my dismay their lyrics are no where on the internet. what a bummer. maybe they’ll come here again and play a show sometime. i missed them when they were here in May and i have been regretting it!

Andrew Bird. There is nothing at all that I do not absolutely love about this man. Sometimes certain musicians (books, movies, whatever) tend to stick with me from the very first time i find out about them, and he is one of them for certain.
It is a tendency to fall instantly in love I guess.
this isn’t even my favourite song of his, but the video is pretty awesome and the title of the song is so clever. i can’t help but love it to bits



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  1. sox

    what a silly response. if i were a band and someone wanted my lyrics and i was going to bother writing back, i would be like, “no, they are not online. but here you go.” then i would also send a detailed history of each song: when and where it was written, and what it was about.

    the end.

  2. a

    yeah too bad though!

    also, this was their actual reply:
    “Nos paroles se trouvent à l’intérieur de la pochette de cd, avec des commentaires sur l’inspiration de chaque chanson, etc’est est disponible sur – Mais les paroles ne sont pas publié sur l’internet, desolée!”


    “our lyrics are found on the inside pocket of the cd, with comments on the inspiration of each song, and it’s available on – but the lyrics aren’t published on the internet, sorry!”

    i’m sure they would just like me to buy their cd! (which makes sense afterall)