head’s on fire

Basia Bulat’s new album Heart of My Own comes out tomorrow (january 26th). i’m pretty excited about that. i’ve written about my ohoh one true love for her here before. but repetition about a good thing is a-okay with me. she’s so gorgeous and genuine and if i were to change myself and make myself more like someone else (this, i would not really want to do. but theoretically), i would want to be a little bit like her.

i love that within the same birthday gift i received 1) a flask of dark rum 2) a teapot 3) a birthday card stating “Happy Bithday Grandmother”
i have the best, the best of friends and it seems that everyone i have met lately has been of the nicest variety.

i love everything about this. i cannot get over how adorable it is. i would peresonally probably choose a belt not qutie as wide, but still. that belt is kind of awesome

i don’t know if i’d be able to wear a jumper though myself, without feeling a little ridiculous. but i do think it’s awfully cute

this too.

i love her boots. and everything else. some day i’ll find lace up boots of my own!


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