auld lang syne

it’s new years eve and that means fancy sparkly dresses and champagne yeah? beer and sparklers and music?

i bought a dress the other day at work and it only cost me $4 which i thought was a total steal. it’s not fancy at all but i love it and wanted to wear it new years eve (today!)!

i paired it with new shoes and a necklace that i got for christmas

– angela

please excuse my blurry photos and my messy bedroom
dress: sears $4
necklace: f21 ~$7
shoes: aldo $70
cardigan: sears $ i have no idea it was that long ago
black wool tights: sears $10
belt: free

apparantly i buy a lot from sears. that’s not too surprising though i guess! from the strings that were originally attached to the sides of the dress, i made belt loops and sewed them on to the dress. i also hemmed it about an inch and a half to make it a nicer length. the belt was something that i found discarded at work a while ago. it’s way way too big but i like it anyway

happy new years lovers!


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