sanca sanca

my mom gave me this sick pair of purple leather gloves for driving in the winter. i don’t think i’ll be able to help wearing them all of the time, instead of just while driving. they’re small and very very worn-in and probably really old and very purpley. and i think they are killer. my favourite hand-me-downs are from my mother


i’m covered in peanut butter, flour, and butter. number of hours of sleep = zero. i most definitely look as haggard as i feel and my insides are doing all kinds of impossible cartwheels. christmas baking is the best stress reliever. i’m making mint/milk chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, strawberry lemon squares, truffles (maybe), peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip shortbread cookies and i don’t even know what else.


secret santa is tonight. i’m too tired to be excited but i raelly want my person to like their gift as much as i like them ♥


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  1. girl you should’ve slept!