the trolley song

by Nicole

One of my favourite things about not being in class is sitting at home, watching Turner Classic Movies all day.

Today Meet Me in St. Louis came on. I always consider that movies to be a Christmas movie, even though it’s not. My family and I always watch it around Christmas time, so I guess that’s why.

I love love love watching TCM mostly just to see the amazing costumes in a lot of these movies. I wish I could find a good, clear picture of what Judy Garland is wearing during “The Trolley Song”. Go to more for a the clearest picture I could find a clip from the movie.

You can’t really see the gorgeous plaid skirt she’s wearing in the picture, or the grainy video. Oh well!
I would dress like this everyday if I could.

It also made me want a boater hat ridiculously bad. Maybe they’ll be in stores here next summer, seeing as we’re like.. a year behind the rest of the world and these seemed to be quite popular this past summer.

filippa berg

from liebemarlene vintage [check this out, this girl is incredibbbble].


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3 responses to “the trolley song

  1. is that the clip that’s in wall-e? i think it might be!

  2. i’ve never seen wall-e!

    p.s. steph you especially should look at liebemarlene’s fashion blog, you will dieee.


  3. little c

    this is the song in wall-e

    i would like to watch this movie too!

    i saw that meet me in st. louis was on yesterday and it just reminded me of the sex and the city movie LOL