oh to be a painter

there’s something that i love very much about painting – both the verb and the noun. unfortunately though, i don’t think i would be able to articulate in words why i like paintings so much.

Maurice de Vlaminck and Kees van Dongen are my two very favourite painters. Both of them are Fauvists, which is probably one of my favourite styles of painting. i can’t seem to get a grasp on it myself though. Maurice de Vlaminck does a lot of incredible landscapes and Kees van Dongen does a lot of portrait-like paintings. I don’t think i can say that i like the landscapes more than the portraits, or the portraits more than the landscapes. i love that they both use bright colours that contrast and complement eachother, and also how they use dark outlines and accents.
– angela

images in more

here is some of Maurice de Vlaminck’s works

and some of Kees van Dongen’s works

i love all of these very much. there are a bunch more that i also like, but i didn’t want to post all of them because there would be just way too many.

sometimes i like to do a little painting myself. i did this the other night. it’s definitely not the most original thing i could have painted, but that’s okay. it turned out differently than i had planned. that’s part of what i like so much about painting. no matter how you picture the finished product in your head, and even if you sketch it out before you paint it, i find that if often changes as you’re creating it and that’s what makes it so much fun.

i think it looks a little better in real life. perhaps i should have scanned it rather than photograph it. but alas, oh well!



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2 responses to “oh to be a painter

  1. angela, that’s lovely!
    i am referring to your painting but the rest is also good aha.

  2. little c

    yeah your painting is super pretty! i love the sky