two thousand nine continued

My favourite moments from 2009! Continued from here.
90's 043

hallo 023
hay 039
hay 062
hay 067
birthday 018
birthday 032
birthday 063
summer 117
summer 169
summer 181
bbq 113
bbq 135
envision 002 - Copy
hilo 021
carbonear 004
i love this picture because she was in no way that plump ahhaa
carbonear 019
carbonear 046
carbonear 037
t.o (11)
t.o (17)
t.o (35)
toronto 008
toronto 098
toronto 103
summa 001
banner 009
dinner party 026
kitekite 007
summerfun 007
lantern fest 046
lantern fest 003
lantern fest 011
lantern fest 029
lantern fest 037
ck birthday 002
summa 040
camping et al 080
summa 026
brigus 006
brigus 010
camping et al 053
camping et al 022
camping et al 036
surprise! 048
surprise! 005
hii 022
hii 026
hii 035
hii 034
lolloween 083
lolloween 090
lolloween 004
toronto 046
toronto 048
toronto 057
toronto 070
toronto 079

violet 012

I feel like there isn’t all that much that I’m looking forward to next year but I’m definitely excited for:
– She and Him are finally releasing their Volume 2 album in February. What has it been? Like three years? It’s about time!
– Crime in Stereo’s new album
– After all the freaking out about Chuck almost getting cancelled it’s finally coming back.. but not until February or March! But still, I’m pretty stoked on watching it again.
– It sucks that we have to wait for so long to see what happens to Dexter but I guess it’ll be worth it.
– I finally get to see the golden globes LIVE this year. Jon Lithgow, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Inglourious Basterds, Glee, Madmen, and Fantastic Mr. Fox are all nominated.
– I’m excited for my birthday, even though I’m not planning on having a party this year.
– Aaaaaand the thought of potentially going to Comic-con this year has made me more excited than anyone everrrr.

– smp


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6 responses to “two thousand nine continued

  1. a

    i love this entry so much. that first picture kills me in the best way!

  2. little c

    i just DIED laughing at the creeper dog picture

    what is happening in the picture of me below emily going away?

  3. 666

    it’s nice to know i existed three times.
    i was actually there for none of this.
    well, very very little of it. w t f.

  4. 666

    ps chuck 2 hr season premiere in january! i think like the 10th or something!

  5. this has been a long year.

  6. Katie

    you’re all so beautiful 🙂