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2000-2010 – Music pt. 1

by nicole

I’m abandoning the seventies journal in favour of a series of decade journals instead! This one is on music. My taste in music has recently taken a bit of a bizarre turn so I am going to try to stay consistent with what I’ve listened to for the most part of this decade.

I am also going to limit myself to the things that have been released over the past ten years. I never realised how limiting that would be until I actually did it. It was going to be ten albums, but I got lazy. I also hope you notice the decrease in the quality of what I’ve written about each.

In no particular order:

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two thousand nine

by smp

I know that it’s only December 15th and it’s probably a little early to think of New Years and everything but I decided to create a few lists of things that I liked from 2009. Yeah, that’s right.
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