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sweethearts on parade

by steph

i finally got around to watching (500) days of summer last night/this morning. i don’t think i’ve ever wanted to see a movie as much as i did this one and for it to actually turn out just as good (or better than) my expectations.

i cant really describe how much i loved it but it made me have an even bigger crush on joseph gordon-levitt.

it is completely fruitless posting videos here because i doubt that anybody who has stumbled upon this blog has clicked on any of them/been interested in them. which is terrible because when i want to express my love for music or a movie or anything else the only proper way to do that would be through video. like.. barney stinson videos or leonard cohen videos or we are scientists videos.

i have spent the past two days doing virtually nothing but listening to music (and watching the office) and i wish it was possible to make every single one of you a mix tape. and i know that it would be pointless to post links to the songs so here’s a list of songs that i like lately

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there was a woman

a short while ago i found out that Basia Bulat is playing some shows with Final Fantasy. Including when he plays in Halifax. I got so so excited because i thought that if she’s opening for him in Halifax, then maybe maybe she’ll be opening for him when he comes here too! so i checked out her tour dates and was pretty sadly disappointed. she won’t be coming here with final fantasy afterall 😦 such a bummer. she is probably one of my very favourite female artists, ever.
hopefully she will come here one day! and i will swoon endlessly

sometimes she likes to cover sam cooke

she’s kind of incredible


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